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Oh, you didn’t think I’d let Halloween pass unnoticed, did you? And after all, horror is where it finds you, where you’re not expecting it. And where better than the abandoned field, the neglected site once thought utterly dead? You cut across it on the way to school, following the path worn down by a thousand other kids just a little bit late to class, hoping to shave off a moment from your evening trek. Secretly you speed up your pace, all the while assuring yourself that it’s no scarier than it is in the daytime.

And then your foot catches, something digging into your ankle just above your shoe. If you hadn’t been hurrying, you might not have tripped. Galvanized by adrenalin, your muscles too ready for flight, you instead fall to the grass (twisted and stringy like the hair of your crazy aunt, the one that you always hid from), paralyzed. Good thing it was just a stray root and nothing really dangerous, right?

Ah, but I love a good digression.

I was indeed hoping to find a proper subject to talk about this Halloween. And by “proper”, I mean unexpected and yet cogent to the matter at hand. FIGHT CLUB? Been done. CHINATOWN? That was last year. KRAMER VERSUS KRAMER? Okay, that was mostly a joke at Rick’s expense (you all remember Eat More People, right?), but still, that was…three years ago. Time indeed flies like an arrow. At any rate, I was in an ever-increasing bind. Nothing was coming. And really, I’ve talked zombies to death and back. Looking kinda grim. No Halloween this year. Called off due to lack of interest and inability to look beyond the pale.

But sometimes, sometimes Netflix is kind to me. And by “kind” I mean that they dropped the answer right in my lap. For you see, THE WILD BUNCH arrived a couple days ago.

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milk chocolate coins

Well, in case it hasn’t hit you yet, DBS seems to be dead. We tried. I swear we did. We tried to keep it going, to add new contributors, to launmch a new design, to keep the spirit strong. And maybe the spirit was strong, but, it’s become clear, the flesh is very, very weak. So here we are.

I think all of us who were involved in DBS — starting with our founders, florida investment property and text message marketing - are proud of the work we did. We ran a lot fo good writing, some great interviews, and generally had lots of fun. And, like some good things, it had to come to an end. Sadly, we went with a wimper, not a bang, so it just goes. There’s only so much banging to go around.

Because we all like the stuff we wrote still, I’m going to leave the site up as an archive the foreseeable future. It may come down eventually, especially if I get sick of paying the hosting bill, but for now, here we are. Some featured work that I liked is over in the right column, in perpetuity. Happy haunting kids.

Since I’m the last one out, I’ll turn out the lights.

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